Dog Training

If You Want to Teach Your Dog Tricks, Here’s Exactly What You Need to Know:

• How to not get frustrated when teaching your dog tricks and open your dogs mind to learning!

• The ideal feeding schedule to keep your dog motivated with treats

• Which type tricks are best to teach your dog first, to keep them interested and motivated.

• The best kept secrets to keep your dog from getting stubborn

• The common mistakes most dog owners make and how to avoid them

• How learning the basics first will help you will all types of training

Dog Health Care

There are places you can go to get individual items that relate to the training, and, they make sense. The problem is that they do not always make sense put together.

When you use this system as a whole, you will find that training your dog to do tricks of even basic obedience is a snap. You will find that with this simple system you can do this in little slices of time without taking major chunks out of your day.

You will find your dog is more loving and more responsive than you ever dreamed!

Make Your Dog More Loving and Improve Your Relationship With Your Furry Friend

Your dog’s behavior and your relationship with your dog depend on how much respect the dog has for you. By training your dog tricks, as with obedience training, your dog will come to respect you more and more. You will build a relationship on mutual respect and trust. What more could you ask for from your furry friend?

Over time you will find it easier and easier to teach your dog tricks and will even find that the dog is smarter than you thought.

Basic Dog Training

• Stop aggression

• Learn to whisper

• Come on command

• Housebreaking your dog

• Stop inappropriate marking

• Stop digging

• Stop growling and aggression

• Teach how to sit, stay and fetch

• Easy crate training

• Correct submissive urination (peeing when excited)

• Stop leash pulling

• Stop inappropriate jumping

• Stop chewing and biting

• Stop excessive barking

• New puppy training

• Teach your dog to listen even when off the leash

• Boundary and Perimeter training

• Consultation for advanced behavior problems

• Learn how to handle a dominate dog and become the leader

• Correcting your dog appropriately so he/she understands

• Stop all types of aggression and bad behavior

• Stop whining and crying. No more separation anxiety

Advance Dog Training

• Correcting extreme aggression

• Correcting extreme anxiety and acting out

• Training an abused puppy/adult dog from the pound

• Advanced games your dog will love